December 3, 2022

Bet you’ve never played these crazy casino games!


Casinos have been around for centuries, and so have popular casino games like blackjack, roulette and poker, but casino gaming options run farther than just this list. The casino industry is innovative and always aims to bring new concepts to punters. Everything from the oldest Las Vegas classic casinos through to the cutting edge online crypto casinos constantly introduce unique games to keep playersentertained.

If you want to explore games beyond your typical slot machines and card games, consider the following options. These are some crazy and entertaining casino games that you may have never heard of.

  1. Dreidel

Dreidel is a traditional game commonly played during Hanukkah in Jewish communities. This game is played using a four-sided spinning top called a “dreidel.” The rules of the game are simple. Every side of the dreidel has a Hebrew letter carving, each carrying a meaning. Players place their bets, then taketurns to spin the dreidel. Depending on what letter the top landson, one of the following happens:

Nun – means nothing: the player wins nothing

Gimel – means everything: the player takes everything in the pot

Hey – means half: the player gets half of the pot

Shin – means put in: the player makes an additional bet

You can also play online versions of dreidel along with many other casino games.

  1. Tic-tac-toe chicken

The game tic-tac-toe itself needs no introduction. From noughts and crosses to Xs and Os, whatever you call it, we all have played and enjoyed it. But have you ever played it against a chicken? Regardless of how strange it sounds, a chicken that has been trained in this casino game is a ruthless and extremely difficult opponent to beat. This variant of the game has gained remarkable popularity in recent years. In fact, if you manage to win against the genius chicken “Ginger” in the Atlantic City casino, you can walk out with a $10,000 cash price.

  1. Birdsong

Birdsong is another unique and fascinating casino game that was once a popular means of traditional gambling in Belgium. The concept is that you place your wager on one of many caged birds and wait for them to sing. Typically, if the bird you chose sings the loudest, you win the jackpot. However, participants can also bet on which bird will sing for the longest or least amount of time. This game also tests your patience as it doesn’t end until all the birds have sung. Punters get the opportunity to closely monitor the birds before they place their bets, but it’s more or less a game of chance only.

Some land-based Belgium casinos still offer birdsong for visitors to enjoy and rediscover traditional Belgium gambling culture.

  1. Rodent roulette

Rodent roulette brings the fun of roulette to the table with a crazy new twist. Popularly known as mouse roulette and rat roulette, the game is played using a special roulette wheel with multiple pockets in it. A mouse is placed on the wheel, and the croupier gives it a spin. Meanwhile, you bet on the holes or pockets the mouse may choose to hide in. If you end up with the correct prediction, you leave with a pocket full of cash.

This casino game may seem a bit unusual at first sight but is reportedly quite amusing once you get the hang of it.

  1. 777 Dice

777 Dice is an online casino game developed by the software provider Art of Games. It is played using two ordinary dice and is a bit like the game of craps.

Most bets, except 777, are based on a single roll of dice. However, if the participant lands a total of 7, it will trigger a bonus round, which continues for two more rolls of the dice. Three consecutive totals of 7 win the player a heavy 30x of their original bet. In case anything other than 7 comes up, the player gets nothing.

You can also bet on the following:

3 and under: Pays 10 for 1

4 and under: Pays 5 for 1

5 and under: Pays 3 for 1

6 and under: Pays 2 for 1

7: Pays 5 for 1

8 and over: Pays 2 for 1

9 and over: Pays 3 for 1

10 and over: Pays 5 for 1

11 and over: Pays 10 for 1

  1. Pachinko

Pachinko is a widely popular casino and arcade game in Japan but is little known in most other countries. The game is a variant of slot machine gambling and adds a flavor of traditional Japanese themes to your wagers. The player puts some cash in the pachinko machine to get tiny metal balls, then pulls the lever to launch these balls back into the machine. The more balls that land in the bonus areas, the more balls you win. When it comes to playing variations of this game online, there is even pachinko bingo!

  1. Jackpot dart

Jackpot dart is an interesting online casino game produced by Playtech studios. Unlike typical dart games, this online extension is a game of chance where you bet on completely random outcomes. The rules are rather simple. If you hit the bullseye three times in a row, you receive the jackpot amount. You can bet anything from $1 to $100 on your darts and hope for the jackpot. However, the betting limit is strictly set at $100 and cannot be exceeded.


These are just seven unusual casino games from around the world that offer some interesting and weird ways to wager money. If you’re looking for some new casino games to play and a unique gaming experience, some of these may be worth looking out for!

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